Eeked into the playoffs

Second lowest points for in the league, still came in 5th in a 12 man. My WR corps is a mess. Need some advice.

WR’s are:

Tre’Quan Smith
David Moore

Lockett has somehow been reliable despite his limited targets.
Funchess has a good matchup but is still rebounding off the back injury
Tate came off his first good game with Philly but has a terrible matchup.
Ellington has a low ceiling but has been reliable.
T. Smith got goose egged by the Cowboys after coming back off an injury.
David Moore had a goose egg but never had a high ceiling to begin with.

I have no idea what three man WR corps to go with. I’ve never been so confused about an entire positional lineup.

id go lockett n tate, then if u need ceiling go smith, if favored n need just a floor play, id go ellington

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I was gonna say definitely Lockett. But beyond that, I’m really not sure. Sorry…I know that’s not much help. :roll_eyes: