Either trade good?

I am deep at RB. Would my Lindsay for his Jeffery be fair? Or my Mixon for Thielin? If both OK, which is better?

I love Thielen, if you can snag him that would be great. and I think Mixon for him in any PPR is fine!

I think Mixon will be solid ROS. I’d try to swap Lindsay plus a WR for Thielen

If you can offer Lindsay first to see what the temperature is on the trade, that’s smart. If you can trades Lindsay PLUS another player, then do that and keep Mixon. But if all else fails that is a fair trade for RB1 and WR1.

Get Jeffery and hold Mixon. Without knowing the type of league, I’d prefer Mixon standard or PPR over Thielen given the lack of real RBs so for this year in fantasy

He countered my Lindsay and Sanders for his Thielen with his Baldwin for Lindsay. Should I counter with Lindsay for Jeffreys?

Lindsay for Jeffery is pretty even. Baldwin’s injuries aren’t something I want to have to count on not reoccurring/get worse if I deal for him,

Thanks. Is Jeffreys healthy enough?

Yeah. Baldwin had a bum knee that was going to keep him from being 100% anyways, then goes out and hurts the other one during the season. Jeffery was held out until ready and Philly O should start improving with their main pieces in place

Lindsay for Jeffrey is good. I prefer Mixon to Thielen though ROS.

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