Ekelar over Shady?

Looking ahead to my week two matchup,
Do I start Ekelar over Shady given another poor matchup for McCoy with the Chargers?
I also have Melvin Gordon but Ekelar and Melvin both had 20+ points in my league.
More of a fluke, or do you see Ekelar maintaining the same usage?

I see Eklar being a Tevin Coleman type player. I see him as a guy that will come in handy in certain situations, and will be a constant 10 Point player. I personally dont like starting two backs from the same team. I would say Gordon and Shady. Note “If shady has a good game, shop him around in your league and see what you can get, with the state in Buffalo right now idk how good of a year he is going to have”


Nah, Ekelar did this last year, he has a TD in a couple games and other than that nothing. The only surprise was Shady not getting the targets honestly.

I saw that coming. Buffalo is mess right now, they dont know what the hell they are doing. Lol