Ekelar unspoken of!?

WHY? Why is Austin Ekelar not being talked about!?
He is quietly the RB9 in half PPR formats and 11th in Standard
Lindsay is floating around the 12/13 range and there are so many questions about him

Yes, the TD is definitely skewing his week 1 production but take out the TD and he still scoring around 15 points. (David Johnson’s total points WITH a TD for week 1)

Because we’ve been through this story before. His performance was entirely game script dependent. Chargers got totally blown out. He sits behind one of the top RB and one of the few remaining work horse backs in the league. Ekeler is nothing more than a scat back. In a normal game, he is hardly playable. I don’t even think rostering him is worth it.

Want to know how many snaps he played in? <30%. He’s not even a real handcuff. If Gordon goes down, I’d be willing to bet chargers go out and acquire another FA RB.

The reason why myself and others are much higher on Lindsay is because he got a tonne of carries and had equivalent snap % to Freeman which means he is actually in contention for the job. I still think Freeman leads that backfield but the split may be much more even than we thought. Also, freeman had zero involvement in the pass game and we all know booker sucks doo doo. I expect booker to be phased out of the game eventually with Lindsay taking over full passing down duties. Which makes him more game script proof than Freeman.

Ekelers production is not sustainable. I chase volume and snap counts, not fluke production.