Ekeler and Ruggs for A. Robinson and M. Sanders?

I would be getting Robinson and Sanders. The whole committee thing in Phily makes me really nervous to pull the trigger.

Congrats on your first post! I just joined today so excited to help where I can! Without knowing how the rest of your team looks and your pointing system I like Robinson Sanders. Ekeler hinted he might not be the go-to guy on the goal line which limits his ceiling (but he is definitely way better than sanders) and I love the substantial upgrade in Robinson from Ruggs. Just my opinion

I’m in a 10-team full PPR and got Ekeler at an absolute steal at the 16th pick. My team: rbs are Kamara, Ekeler, M. Gordon, J. Williams, and Damian Harris & wrs are A. Cooper, C. Godwin, Aiyuk, M. Callaway, M. Thomas, H. Ruggs and J Reagor.

The pass catching of Ekeler is intriguing but I think if it were me I would do the trade. You’re gaining much more from your WR upgrade than you are losing from your RB trade. Also if Gordon has a hot start to the season I would then start shopping around for a better RB2 and sell high to get someone who is typically solid but had a slow start. Hope that helps