Ekeler for Carson

Been offered Ekeler for Chris Carson (I’ve already got Gordon). Other RB’s are CMC, Pollard, Justice Hill and Devin Singletary.


If you have Chris Carson, no way. I’m keeping Carson 100%.

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Whoever made that trade offer is trolling you… big time.


And what if Gordon moves on and Ekeler becomes what James Conner was last year? Don’t get me wrong, I rejected the trade

He won’t be james connor. Two reasons. 1. LAC has shown they are fine using two backs to manage work load. 2. he was never an RB1 when he did get the starting gig last year. He had some great weeks with Gordon there, but a lot of the plays that he racked up points on were two rb sets, where gordon drew the attention.

Carson is going to have more upside and Eckler didn’t really do much with the opportunity he had last year while Gordon was out so I think rejecting the trade was a good move