Ekeler for Diggs

I’ve been offered Ekeler for my Diggs. I’m leaning towards yes, but my WR depth worries me. A lot. What do y’all think?

Current RBs:

Current WRs:

The more I look at it, I’m leaning more towards no…

Don’t do it. Ekeler is a great option but you don’t have any WR depth, with Thielen banged up, Diggs is going to see more target volume and you still have Coleman which plays in an offense that relies in running the ball.

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Assume redraft.

What are your starting lineup requirements?

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Redraft. Standard Scoring.


The only reason I am considering it is the uncertainty of Kamara right now. I agree, I would have to go after some WR depth. If I took Ekeler, I would be putting Coleman and Breida on the trading block.

I prefer Ekeler to Diggs in a vacuum ROS. But with your current roster I prefer Diggs.

Are there any WR waiver wire candidates that you could pick up over Gore/Breida?

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John Brown, Stills, and Westbrook are my best options.

I much prefer John Brown on your roster than Gore.

Personally, if you made that corresponding move, I would be all over trading away Diggs for Ekeler.

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Tough call, but I’d go for Ekeler. Melvin Gordon has NOT looked good, and overall the Chargers are not likely to be playing from huge leads, so i think both Ekeler and Henry are going to get significant and consistent target share over the coming weeks. Diggs has had a couple nice weeks, but he could easily disappear if the Vikings go run-heavy again.

Also, RBs tend to be tougher to come by than WR options.

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Well, I went ahead with the trade. Also picked up John Brown and Kenny Bills to strengthen the receiving corps. Thanks for all the input guys!

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