Ekeler for Michel trade?

So I have received a trade proposal in my .5 PPR league

send: Austin Ekeler & Dede Westbrook
receive: Sony Michel & Adam Thielen

I love Ekeler and what he is doing. Sony is playing Miami next week but Sexy Rexy is there and taking most of the RB snaps… Plus Thielen doesn’t hurt.

I would definitely accept that because I think they’re are better days ahead for Sony plus u throw in a stud wr like Thielen. Westbrook might be a drop now because of the Foles injury

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This is an instant accept for me. Even if you believe Sony and Ekeler to be close or even, Thielen is way above Westbrook. Michel got volume in the first game so he should be fine anyway

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Thing for me is Sony didn’t produce 15 for 14 yds.

Personally I wouldn’t read too much into one game. Bad games happen, Michel was good last year and yeah its not fun Rex got so much action. But Ekeler probably had his best game of the year, and Michel his worst game of the year week 1

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Valid point just hard not to overreact.

would you counter with keryon instead of ekeler? I feel Ekeler is going to do great things, #1 goal like back on the team, while Gordon is out and I can ride his points for a couple more weeks. while Sony is great but doesn’t put up fantastic numbers. and Matt patrica doesn’t know how to use Keryon.

You also have to remember that it has only been 1 week . Can’t judge a player after one week of production

I’d do this trade. I think it’s taking advantage of overreaction on both rb and upgrading wr

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My WR are Evans, Cooks, Dede and MVS
My RB are CMC, Kerryon, Ekeler, Bareida, Sanders