Ekeler for Singletary?

last place in my league has a team made of scrubs but ekeler is on his ir and is starting Gore and Drake

Is that a fair deal to give him a playable starter for a better person whos out on ir for now?

Fairly sure hed take it he needs someone fairly bad

What’s your record and roster? I would make the offer and see what happens.

I’m all for taking a bit of risk in a player like Ekeler. Just don’t leverage a starting RB on your roster and scrap by for 4 more weeks because that could put you behind in the playoff push.

well im unfortunately dealing with having CEH and the bell signing so worried about him but i have robinson harris and mattison as well so not depeleting myself completely

i think if i can make it through until he gets back that should be around the time that bell and ceh are both on the field and ill know what the value of ceh is

im 2-3 with 4rd highest points in 12man league so i think i am just gonna offer it and play it out

I don’t think CEH will be unusable and you have 2 weeks before Bell really gets going (note, Chiefs v. Jets). Andy Reid has sustained to fantasy relevant RBs before but it make CEH a Flex play when Bell is active.

right i need a second starter next to robinson at least and have 3 playable rbs on the team i dont love playing singletary as i have a couple times and lost each of those weeks so id love to get him off the team honestly

I sent it time to wait and see hoping its enough with his desperation