Ekeler/Lindsey for CEH/Jackson?

Got offered this trade, full PPR 14 team. I’d be getting the Ekeler/Lindsey side.

I do have an IR spot to put him in for now, but has anyone heard when Ekeler will be back or is just a bad trade? If he’s back for the playoffs and fit his schedule is very very good.

My team:
QB - Kyler, Stafford
RB - Chubb (IR), CEH, Robinson, Jackson, Perine Moss
WR - Adams, MT, Golladay, Williams
TE - Hockenson, Goedert (holding to trade)

I haven’t heard anything on Ekeler but planning my roster for him to return week 12-13. There’s a chance he doesn’t return at all.

I’m doing this trade for complete upside. I would like to keep Jackson and give up Moss for the opportunity to start Chubb, Ekeler, Robinson in the playoffs.

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I tried Moss but he wants the gap fill play of Jackson getting more guaranteed work until Ekeler is back. He’s 2-6 and needs to buy wins now, I took MT off him a few weeks back for some start able pieces he just can’t hold the injured guys anymore. I don’t mind keeping Moss as a flex if needed to be honest.

I’ve got it pending, the other option is for Sanders/Landry for CEH, Moss and Goedert but he wants to wait for waivers. I’d prefer that but I would like to be out of the CEH headache at the point.

Any other views here? @octoberland @Marencophoto

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Just quickly here, but IMHO you want Moss over Jackson. I’d much rather hold Moss. That guy will be far more valuable moving forward.

As far as choosing sides, I like CEH but his start is slow and things look weird ATM. I see brighter skies ahead. Ekeler is a dart throw. We do not know how he jives with Herbert but no one there has stepped up which is good for his longterm outlook. I like Lindsay as a fill in but I’m not sure he is ever given the keys to the backfield.

While it’s close, there are more viable pieces in the Ekeler / Lindsay side. I really like CEH and tied to KC is not bad, but it looks like LAC have found a diamond in the rough with Herbert. While it’s still too early to know, I’ve been valuing LAC players higher lately. Hard to pass on the CEH youth, I’m probably taking the Ekeler side by the slightest of margins.

That said, neither side is a ‘win’ for me. When I’m in those situations, I either stay put or view it as dealer’s choice for which side I prefer.

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Should have said this is redraft, no dynasty/keeper. But the points are valid, I’m reading up more on Ekeler… I’m concerned he doesn’t actually return this season

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Oh! That’s a fair point. In redraft that is a concern. I’d hold tight with CEH then no doubt. Bell has not done anything to ‘take’ the backfield. I think KC is playing NFL not FF, so they will have frustrating usage. I think when the chips are down, though, CEH gets the nod. He’s looked great every time they use him. They’ve just not needed to every game.

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That’s sort of how I see it, I’m holding out that I can pry Sanders away from his manager for CEH and some pieces. He’ll be back for week 10 and gets all the work with a good schedule moving forward.

Hey dude! Sorry for the late response.

I really hate to turn down the potential of having a beast like Ekeler- I would turn it down. Mike said it weeks ago when Ekeler was first injured(maybe it was Jason), but treat this as if Ekeler isn’t coming back. I completely understand the frustration of having CEH, but the reality is he’s with the best offense in the NFL. Bell has only been in the system for 2 weeks but after seeing the last game, I don’t think he was having issues with a bad offensive line. I think he lost a couple of steps, so I don’t feel my CEH investments are as threatened as I thought they were. Lindsey- as dynamic as he might be sometimes, is in a stale offense. I’m not interested in that side at all. I feel the other side would benefit and benefit now and you’ll be sitting here hoping Ekeler comes back(IF he even comes back) and hoping that you get a “Lindsey” game. You have 2 starting RBs in really good offenses- stay put.
Or if you do flip them- get better weapons.

…I have both CEH and Jackson and I wouldn’t make that trade.


Thanks buddy, the more I read on Ekeler the more I think he’s not back until very late or just not at all.

Agree on Bell I’m hoping the Chiefs see it too and just give CEH the 15 ish touches he needs each week to be an impact for real NFL (and fantasy lol).

Viewing CEH like that, if I can get a Sanders deal done that doesn’t cost too much I.e I give CEH and Jackson/Moss and get Sanders and Landry would you do that to get a more sure RB?

That means you’ll be stuck with just Robinson and Perine for the week. Do you feel comfortable with that? Don’t know how desperately you need a win.
Sanders side couldn’t turn that down. Why don’t you offer it without Moss and then add it in the end if you need to.
I have Sanders in another league, I would totally take that.

If MT plays i’ll be happier. The guy I’m playing this week honestly he’ll be lucky to put up 65 full PPR points, his team is ruined sadly.

I did pick up Breida if needed. I started CEH with either Perine/Jackson but added Moss in as an option. It wont be for three RBs though it would be CEH, Goedert plus any of those other three RBs and I get Sanders and either Landry or JDM for depth.

I just prefer Sanders ROS schedule and he feels safer tbh. CEH should be fine but KC can’t win without the RBs doing anything and keep playing backups in blowouts i just don’t want him to help me lose rather than help me win if that makes sense?

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Got ya. I’m waiting on MT too.
I’m gonna try to pull that trade as well.

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