Ekeler, Mixon, Najee…. Pick 2

I have the 1.12 in my 12 team NPPR redraft league.

I can’t pick which 2 to take with the 1.12 & 2.01. There’s so many pros and cons for all of them that I can’t decide.

I was bitten by Mixon last year but can see the route to a gigantic workload and willing to forgive and forget on last year.

Najee is destined for an equally huge workload and there’s alot of hype.

Ekeler will be nowhere near in carries but his receiving upside (although not PPR) can offset any drop in carries and provides a big upside too

Help a brother out!!

NON PPR makes it kind of a no-brainer. If Ekeler has any value at all, it’s in PPR leagues. He has a career high of three (3) rushing TDs.

Mixon also has more value in PPR leagues than non, but if you have to take two of these three, it’s Najee and Mixon by a mile.

Agree with above. Ekeler loses a lot of his value in standard leagues