Ekeler or Diontae in the flex?

With Ekeler’s injury do I go the safe route and just put Diontae in my flex? I have Najee and Monty in my RB spots and had the Brady/Evans stack to get me off to a good start but my opponent had Cooper so he is also off to a good start.

What is the safer play here?

Since you’re starting a Pittsburgh RB, Diontae is the SAFER play.

This is because the fantasy scores of teammates tend to be negatively correlated–if one is having a bad week, the other is more likely to be having a good week, and vice versa.

So the combined scores of teammates tends to be more consistent than the combined scores of similar players from different teams, so you’re less likely to get a low score from both of them at the same time. But the flip side of course is that you’re also less likely to get a big score from both of them at the same time. You sacrifice highs to eliminate lows.

I think Diontae is the safer play, but I feel like you’re asking the wrong question. Cooper got your opponent off to a strong start, so you should want higher ceiling. To me, that’s Ekeler (albeit more risky).

This sucks.

Diontae is the safer play, but I think I would really want to go with Ekeler.

I just love the guy and it’s hard to sit him when he plays. Limited TD upside, but I could see it being check down city against Washington today.

Follow your head instead of your heart and go with Diontae, but I can’t guarantee I would do the same.