Ekeler or Gordon which would you start?

I know the guys lean ekeler for this game just curious what you guys think

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i´d still lean towards Ekeler for this one

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I’m playing both


I do have the option to play both as well, i just had Watkins out on the injury report late so I could pivot off him and slot them both - or put freeman in over one of them thoughts?

My main backs this week are Gallman and carson. I have Gordon and through him as a flex play.

I have both. I’m playing Ekeler, but flexing Mixon instead of Gordon, because, you know, Cardinals. I want to wait and see Gordon’s workload and I think it’s going to be limited. I’m willing to be wrong and for him to have a big name if I have another good flex option.

I’m still on the fence. I have both but also have Mark Ingram and David Johnson. Don’t want to to leave points out there but one of these little urban achievers has to take a seat. Opinions welcome.

I’m flexing both in the Megalabowl. Obviously Ekeler is the strong/safe play seeing what Fournette did against Denver. That being said, Gordon should be able to eat too. Snap count or no snap count. Even Armstead had 40+ yards on the ground to go with his receiving touchdown.

Playing both! Ekler with the passing a TD and Gordon with the goaline work!