Ekeler or Jackson?

I have Gordon, and have held Ekeler all season. I’m in a standard league so some of Ekeler’s upside is limited, do I drop Ekeler and grab Jackson hoping for big upside and a hot hand approach, or do I ride out Ekeler?

Against cincy i think you’re fine riding things out with ekeler.
I see him as a poor mans kamara. he’ll do some inside runs, and take the dump passes and just let it rip.
He also still got the volume even with jackson finding the holes better.

My logic was to ride it out, but I keep seeing quotes from Anthony Lynn talking about how well Jackson did, Rivers gave him praise on SNF, not sure whether it’s reading into it too much or if there’s a genuine feeling that the chargers like what Jackson can do more

Its hard to say.
How do you like your chances against your opponent? Gordon is likely back next week so its really just a 1 week play here.
The Chargers are going to need to keep winning to hold onto a wild card spot, so i think they still lean on ekelers experience here to keep them in the W collum.

I feel pretty decent, opponent lost Hunt and I got Ware, here’s the current matchup so really it’s deciding between Ekeler or Jackson for Gordon’s spot

Don’t trust those numbers look at individual matchups and upside potential.

i.e. Gurley gets projected to score 20 in espn last week scores 28.5. 3 weeks ago he’s projected to score 21.8 scores 9.4.

Still though i think either way ekeler will be close to his average score and be a fine flex play

Ok great thanks for all your advice!