Ekeler or Ronald Jones?

Should I play Ekeler tonight or RoJo on Sunday?

Similar situation. Between ekeler or singletary. Singletary looks to be ranked higher in most rankings and he’s on the love list for espn and start of the week for the ballers.
I’m not sure if the game plan was to run Gordon more last week or just how it went with the score. I thought I heard rojo is the starter now.

Don’t think it’s a contest between Singletary and Ekeler. Singletary got 24 touches last week and looks to have won the starting job. Singletary is at least a RB2 this week but has RB1 upside as he showed last weekend. Ekeler is the #2 back on his team and won’t ever get goalline touches. You have to pray he catches a TD.


That’s where I was at but thought I might be over thinking it and it was just how the GB game went.

Sooooo start Ronald Jones is your opinion?

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I like that rojo should be getting the touches. Just think ekeler could have another game like he did against the titans. 10 touches but two 20 yard tds.

thanks, bud.

Ronald jones. You have a better idea what his workload will be