Ekeler owner should i trade Amair Cooper for Derrick henry

I’m looking for options. I will probably wait until after this week to make a decision I just want opinions and suggestions.

Depends on your team makeup but I wouldn’t trade Amari for Henry.

this is my team

Yeah so Amari is clearly your WR1/2, I would not trade him. You have Ekeler who’s going to still ave value as your flex player and marlon Mack who’s your RB2. Trading Amari and having only Fitz or Alshon as my WR2 makes me nervous. You should see if they’re willing to trade Henry for Alshon and another piece. Or move one of your QB’s for a better WR/RB


Matt Ryan for DJ Moore and Diggs ?

and then trade Henry

If Diggs comes out with another big game this week you could probably swap him for Henry, or at least Diggs and another piece.