Ekeler Sell or keep

I’ve been getting a lot of offers on Ekler and originally had set myself to keep him but eith the constant offers coming in I was wondering how high should i sell if do.

I have Ekeler. I’m keeping him unless I can sell high for him. Depends what your offers are.

These were the offers and nothing I was willing to bite on

Yeah I’d definitely keep Ekeler over taking those trades

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the Ekeler side of the trade is way stronger in my opinion for both offers

I’m in the minority here, but I would trade Ekeler for DJM in a heartbeat. I am not as sure J Kelly does not affect him a bit more that people think. The two are more similar in what they offer. I know Ekeler just got a contract, but Jackson looked good and Kelly are not slouches. I am not predicting a loss of team RB1 status, just more that his production might be hit harder than some are thinking.

DJM is younger and looking pretty strong at his position which also has a better shelf life. If I could move off of someone that looks good but just got some rookie blood injected into the backfield for a young stud potential WR I would at least be giving it serious consideration. Not saying smash accept, but I think that offer is absolutely worth consideration.

Just my two cents and I am in the minority here, but I wanted to share!