Ekeler/Sutton for Bell

Close to getting Bell for Sutton/Bell

My team:
RB Zeke, Ekeler, Jacobs, D Freeman and Pollard
WR Julio, K Allen, Fitzgerald, McLaurin, Sutton
Others Goff, Engram and D Walker

Is this trade worth it? I think it is.

Based on your team, I’m in favor of that trade. Bell’s value should improve through the foreseeable further with the team getting Darnold back. Ekeler has been great but I think this is the week his value begins to decline and he takes the backseat to Melvin. So good on you to trade him high.

I’m trying to sell both those guys high. Not crazy about giving up Sutton though.

Think they’d take McLaruin instead? Could swap those two.

He’s thinking about it