Ekeler Trade Advice

What should I expect in return for Austin Ekeler? Saw news that Melvin Gordon may be back earlier than originally thought so I want to maximize my return.

current RBs: A Jones, Fournette, Duke, Breida, Malcolm Brown, Coleman
current WRs: Hopkins, Golladay, Kirk, Tyrell, Curtis Samuel, and sadly AB (holding for a little longer just in case)

I am wondering the same thing. I own Ekeler and I have thought of two options. Should I try to trade some other players for Melvin Gordon and just have both? Or should I try to just trade Ekeler away while he is still hot?

I have ekeler and the engram owner is looking to upgrade spots with having andrews. Except engram owner has Gordon not sure if that helps or hurts the value to get engram.

Have a chance for Nick Chubb in an Ekeler deal.

Send: Josh Jacobs (did a straight flip of Aaron Jones) + Austin Ekeler
Receive: Nick Chubb, Miles Sanders, Terry McLaurin

I think at the least it gives you some good stability at WR. I think Jacobs has higher upside than Chubb, but light be worth it