Ekeler Trade for a WR

Trade A. Ekeler for Larry Fitzgerald? Full PPR… Have R.Woods and J. Edelman as WR. could use some WR Depth. My two trade offers for M.Evens and AB got turned down. Am I shooting to high?

Went with 3 rbs. :slight_smile: McCaffrey, Le’Veon, David Johnonson. Also have RBs T.Cohen and M.Brown NOTE: Ekeler scored almost as many points as McCaffrey in this league. Its high scoring league…10pts/ TD, bonus points etc

I definitely wouldn’t trade him for Larry. Those rb’s on your squad currently are ridiculous, so i’m not sure how you pulled off that magic, but I think you’d be over reacting to week one if oyu sent him shipping for Larry

Thanks for your feedback! had 2nd overall pick and well just went with the best available for 2 and 3 picks. a lot of WR went off the board. People were scared of bell sucking on the jets. Still want to trade a RB for a steller WR.

Hell no. Keep ekeler.

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