Ekeler Value

A fellow GM sent two trades to me for Ekeler and I think he is worth more than the offers I’m receiving but wanted to get some feedback.
I have received: 1. M. Ingram and Christian Kirk
2. M. Ingram and the 1.10 rookie

I offered Kupp for him and got shutdown.

I would have turned that offer down as well. Ekeler was the #4 PPR RB last season. He should be the primary weapon this season also. Maybe I’m too high on him myself but I have very high hopes

I wouldnt do either. The second option is close. If you could get a pick in the top 6 I would do it. Ingram would give you an option this year and a good draft option for the future. I like ekler but I am worried how the offense might change with a new QB.

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I declined both. I appreciate the input, thanks

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I personally see merit in both offers to at least work on a counter.
I would try to get Kirk and 1.10.

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He declined Kirk and 1.10 and countered with Alshon Jefferey and 1.10, I laughed and said no thanks

I like a sell high w Ekeler here, but dont love those offers either. Not sure what the LAC offense will look like with Tyrod/rookie QB and more importantly what Ekelers value is without Rivers affinity for the RB dump off.

Ingram + 10 is a decent play for this yr, but not (likely) after.
Kirk will be interesting w DH there, Fitz still in the mix and Isabella playing a roll.

what if you did an Ekeler + 1 of your picks for an Upgraded RB (top 5 guy?)

I’d like to get some thoughts on this one:
12 team dyanasty full point PPR
1 first start up and rookie draft is a snake draft

Ekeler + 2.01
C. Kirk + 1.08