Ekler, Chubb or mixon trade ideas?

Hey guys, I’m currently 6-2 and in first place in my league. I recently made a trade where I acquire Michael Thomas and Big Ben for Gibson,Justin Jefferson and Travis full gram.

At the beginning of the season I felt great about my running backs and poor about my receivers but as the season goes on my feelings have changed.

I’ve trade to make deals but no one is taking. Posted below is a roster of my team. would you be willing to trade the weekly gamble of Tyler Lockett for an injured ekler, Chubb or mixon…I trade to trade aj brown and Johnathan Taylor,

but no luck. Let me know what you guys think and if there’s any moves you think I should make. Thanks!

Also let me know if you think Lockett should be an untouchable…thanks!

I just traded godwin for chubb hoping he is back next week which looks to be the case as of right now… I wouldn’t trade Lockett… Brown isn’t very consistant and Thomas is always injured…

Yeah tried brown for chubb but no luck…he’s the manager of Russell Wilson, and was thinking of trading locket for Chubb and keeping Thomas…what do you think