Eli Manning is the worst QB in the NFL

Don’t even think this is a hot take at this point. Also, if this doesn’t show Giants made a mistake drafting Barkley at 2, I don’t know what will. Went 100 yard+ receiving and rushing, TD and his team lost by 21 points.

When you’re QB is this bad, you can’t win games. I’d be willing to bet Josh Allen would be able to do more with this offense which is saying something. Allen is doing more with the Bills who have no oline and no offense than Eli is doing with this team.

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The worst? That’s not fair to Gabbert, Tolzein, or Drew Stanton…


Honestly a person who I think would thrive in the system is teddy bridgewater… obj has came out and stated facts about a running qb… u put bridgewtwr in this offense and I think it goes it makes the linebacker have to spy on the qb leaving Barkley open in the flats or takes away obj or shepard across the middle… not to mention when Engram gets back let’s him sit down in the middle of the field that more confident. If I was the giants I would be looking at the price of bridgewater.

Should’ve clarified. Worst STARTING QB in the NFL. Although arguably, I can name better backups than Eli:

Nick Foles, Bridgewater, to name a few.

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I 100% agree dude. Barkley single handedly kept this team from being shutout.

Funny you mention that. had a long debate with my friend today about what the giants should be willing to give up for Bridgewater. I think they should be willing to give up a 1st tbh but I bet a 2nd could get it done.

I don’t even think that high will get him… I’d say around a 3rd gets him. What is he to the saints Nothing more then a name on the depth chart. As u can see the GM is terrible if he had any sense he would make his superstar happy and along with doing that make his fans happy while also making his team way better.

Edit: also kapernick I do think would do pretty well in this offense and they won’t have to give up any draft capitol if it’s that important to them… I’m not even a giants fan but I hate to see a team so skilled on paper be this bad.

Edit: what are we gonna remember Eli for winning the super bowl and be a decent qb during his prime or this SS that they call a football team… they need to push Eli to hang the cleats up.

Giants are aggressively bad

LOL. Eli is showing his age and regression, but who is honestly worse, him or Blake the Snake, or the bums in Miami/SF/Dallas?

Barkley is incredible. Like Gurley on juice. I am in total awe of his ability. Too bad he is on a stinker team right now. He IS their whole offense.

OBJ has a ton of talent, but man he is a victim of circumstance with the piss poor offense…

Or peterman.

As of this moment, he is the worst. At least Blake, Tannehill, Dak, and even Beathard are young and still have mobility. Eli is the worst performing QB under pressure, and he can’t escape pressure. All of those QBs would probably do more than eli just with their escapability alone. Like I said, Josh Allen is doing more with Buffalo’s trash offense with no weapons than Eli is doing with giants.

Dak also has no weapons. Give dak this team, and he would do substantially better than Manning imo. Similar logic applies to Tanny and Beathard. I don’t think any of them would be 1-4 with this roster.

If u watch football at all u know that Eli doesn’t even try to escape the pocket… he. Gets brought down with a finger. Any of those qbs atleast try to escape the pocket… all Eli does good is make memes with the faces he makes after he gets sacked. Give me any qb in the NFL over Eli… this is also how the giants should feel. If this doesn’t make them mad and want to make changes then they are alright with tanking.

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I think Giants fans (including me) are ready to move on from the shell of a QB that is Eli Manning. Watching him play after play, check down after check down, makes me sick. Yeah I’m biased, I have OBJ and Barkley rostered in some leagues. I would say they need to bench Eli and see what they have in Lauletta but that might cost someone their job…again.

You can’t cushion how bad Eli is with all the talent they brought in to support him. Bad o line, blah blah, there’s other QBs with worse doing better with no real weapons as already mentioned.

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Incoming: The low ball offers for Engram/ OBJ in one of my leagues. SMH.

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The guy im playing this week has OBJ. I was tempted to send him a joke offer.

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Well when they did it last time, it was idiotic cause they used Geno Smith. Didn’t even see what they had in Webb. I think this time with Lauletta, it’ll still be a disaster. A rookie behind that Oline is not good but at least they can see what they have to determine whether or not they need to take a QB in 2019 draft.

Like I said, Josh Allen and Josh Rosen are both doing more with less. Both their Olines are also trash. And neither of them have an OBJ, a barkley, or an Engram. Hell, They don’t even have a shepard. This is inexcusable.

What’s shocking to me is that Shurmur has been an awful play calling as well. Like dude, your oline sucks. You don’t have time to develop routes, just line OBJ up in the slot, 4 WR sets with 3 bunch and 1 offset, and throw a bunch of over/under slants. Take a book out of Mike McCarthy’s trash playbook. If they used OBJ how packers used Adams, it would be game over.

That’s how pathetic the state of the giants is right now. I am advising someone to learn play calling from Mike McCarthy…


Anyway, stinks about the Giants on the whole. They have talent and promise the coaching and QB play are awful.

It’s pretty infuriating. Because it was Prime Time, it’s also all people are talking about today football wise.

I don’t understand how people can say the Giants made a mistake by drafting Barkley at 2. Do you watch the games?

He is already playing as well as advertised behind one of the worst O-lines, and practically no passing attack. Dude is dynamic. Is he in the twilight of his career or something?

Saquon is 21 freaking years old. He is going to be on the Giants team for YEARS. What rookie QB has made you go “man, the Giants future would be so much better with this guy.”

They can get QBs in future years. But they will have Saquon and Odell (barring trades). Get this team a decent O-line and even just an average journeyman QB for now or next year, and they are a strong offense.

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