Elijah Mitchell+ Hilton for A. Robinson

Our lovely 6-0 commissioner is offering me (3-3) Elijah Mitchel and TY Hilton for my favorite bench warmer Allen Robinson. Opinions?

My current roster in a full PPR (Active Lineup–2QB, 2RB, 2 WR, 1 TE 2 Flex):

QB’s: Kyler and Brady
RB’s: Zeke, Josh Jacobs, Chase Edmonds, Damien Williams, AJ Dillon
WR’s: J. Jefferson, Allen Robinson, Antonio Brown, Claypool, Mooney, Sterl Shepard, Tim Patrick
TE’s: Higbee and Knox

Do you trust Eli Mitchell? I’m on the Eli bandwagon and would accept and drop Tim Patrick (assuming Jeudy comes back).

I’d take that. Allen Robinson is a complete wash at this point and I’d rather have Missile. I less you’re completely stacked at RB then I’d do it

I don’t think I would do it. I’m shying away from every San Fran player this year because Shanahan is like the guy that just hops from girl to girl in high school.