Ellington or M. Bryant For Flex

Can’t decide between these guys. I feel like you have a higher floor with Ellington but higher ceiling with Bryant. Need some second opinions.

For sure super tough. Think about how many points you need to score out of that slot. I’m assuming PPR? If you’re protecting a lead your team is projected to have, I think Ellington, especially given the usage, is a safe bet. Martavis is good at home, but he’s getting outsnapped by JuJu, who looks to have the less severe coverage against the Jags with Bryant/Brown getting the real corners. If you need a BIG TIME makeup score kind of day, Martavis.


Yeah, I forgot to include it’s a full ppr league. Thanks for the reply. I’m projected to win by about 8pts (not a whole lot) but still I’d have to agree with you and say that Ellington is probably the better play. Appreciate it!

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