Elliot for Cook/Diggs (trade advice)

Ezekiel Elliot (me) for Stefon Diggs and Dalvin Cook. ??

There is no world, where I am willing to take this trade. Maybe if its like 3ppr

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Elliot plus any WR2 you roster would out score Riggs and cook. Who are your WRs?

What about Royce freeman & Davante Adams?

Rn i have RB: Elliot, Mixion, Cohan, Duke Johnson

WR: Thielen, Kupp, Hurns, Wilson, Richardson

So the you could trade Elliot straight up for Royce freeman and devante Adams? Somehow I like that trade better than cook and diggs…

That would leave you with freeman and Mixon as your only two viable starting RBs. That’s kind of thin. You will have dramatically better WRs but not much chance of having a locked and loaded rb1

No thanks. Selling Cooks, not buying.

No…just no… Why are you trying to sell Zeke? He is the best pure runner in the NFL, bar none. And you are talking to the biggest Bell fan of all time.

Zeke is going to see 400 touches this year. That volume with that level of talent is not replaceable by some rookie RB on a bad team with pre season hype and a tier 3 WR.

Just stick with your team for now, you’ll be fine. If anything, go and try and package Cohen/Duke with like a kupp or something to get an upgrade at WR.

Yeah, I’m with Mike here: Zeke is too valuable. At least to not start the season and find out. You’ll know after the first game if this whole “o-line” issue is real or not. (Spoiler alert: it’s not.)

Looking at your roster, I agree you’re weak at WR. If the guy’s after RBs, maybe see if he’ll do Mixon for Diggs? Although, not sure how crazy I’d be leaving Tarik Cohan as my RB2…

I would not trade Mixon for Diggs straight up. Mixon is worth much more IMO.

Also, I have zero interest in Cohen starting as my RB. He is way over hyped and another player I’m owning zero shares of this season. Howard, is the guy there. Cohen is a change of pace back. He’s not going to be a guy you feel good starting every week.