Elliot for gordon

i got offered a trade. zeke and diggs for gordon and beasley. i have zeke and diggs. i feel i’d be giving up too much in this trade if i accepted. wanted some extra opinions.


This would be a 2 for 2 involving zeke and Gordon…

@Rbins40 Rofl are you still on this? This is equivalent to what I said. Beasley is not even worth a roster slot. This is basically a 2 for 1. You’re reaching, really really hard. Thanks for the good laugh. In fact pretty sure I gave an example where it was Zeke + AB who is even better WR for Gurley + someone barely worth a roster spot. Beasley = that someone.

@Allenbee I’m probably not doing this. As good as gordon is, it’s too much. It’s basically a 2 for 1.

i wouldnt do it. Beasley is a FA in most of my leagues… Would basically be zeke and diggs for gordon, and diggs is a buy low right now for me.

If some of you guys could help me, what are your thoughts on CMC for Zeke in a standard league? A guy here made a post asking about this and got me thinking, my first thought was: zeke side wins for sure. But cmc is playing almost all snaps and has a good playoff schedule