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Elliot News what should I do?


With all of the ups and downs do I add McFaddon and drop Marlon Mack ( I do not own Zeek but need RB Depth for Bye weeks) or do I simply stay far away and let the Zeek owner deal with the headache?


Do you have anyone else you can drop to make room for him? You said you need RB depth but are looking at dropping one potential startable RB for another possible lottery ticket. Would need to know more about who you have, league makeup and scoring, etc.


My team is as follows

QB: Palmer, Luck
WR: M. Thomas, K. Allen, S. Diggs, M. Bryant
RB: M. Gordon, L. Miller, D. Martin, D. Foreman, M. Mack
TE: J. Graham, C. Clay, D. Njoku

I am dealing with some injuries of players that I don’t want to drop because they could help down the stretch, but flex is an issue on my squad.

Full PPR league


I personally would drop Clay for him…You’re set after this week with Graham and who knows when Clay will be back at this point. You will have the opportunity to grab Clay back before he comes back if you really want to since we will know more in the next two weeks.


Thanks for the advice. I think ill do that, I love me some Clay and loved the Depth at a bad position but I am already keeping Luck and have Bye weeks coming up so better to cut now.


I absolutely agree - that’s too many tight ends on one roster.