Elliot trade!

Someone in my league offered me zeke and breida for aaron jones, might be over thinking this but is this a good trade.

I would be the one receiving zeke


Accept that in a heartbeat

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clearly your counterpart is worried about zeke’s schedule ROS, which is admittedly pretty brutal against the run, but zeke is probably the best all around rb in the NFL on a strong offense and breida is icing. take this and feel good no matter what.

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not to mention zeke is not in any timeshare like aaron jones will be once j. williams returns. and you can handcuff zeke if you want, another thing you cannot do with aaron

I took the deal, i saw the schedule which is a bit concerning, but i fell like if their is one back that can do it its zeke

glad to hear it, congrats. aaron jones’ schedule ROS is no cake walk either

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im hoping that jones just had one insane game and zeke starts to turn into the beast that he is

Wow that is nice. Glad you took it.

Smash accept immediately!

Would you have still accepted it if it was Zeke for A Jones straight up? I’m thinking on offering that trade (I have A Jones).