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Elliott Suspended 6 games!


They have no proof and dropped the charges and still got 6 games.
He has 3 days to file appeal and the appeal must happen within 10 days of filing.
Hopefully no one drafts in the next 2 weeks to get clarification. I think they reduce this down to 3 still.

Now I want to see when he gets drafted. If 3 I think 1st round still. 6 Would probably fall to 3rd??


I read the letter the League sent to Elliott laying out the reasons for the suspension. What is more amazing to me is that the Columbus police didn’t do more.

… actually, I am not surprised the Columbus police or DA or anyone else in a position to do the right thing would side with a beloved Buckeye football player no matter what he did.


Whats your thoughts if the 6 games hold up. late 3rd early 4th round? Last year bell was drafted in 2nd round for 3 or 4 missed games cant remember.


I think that’s a bit absurd… last year Bell fell to the 2nd and if you had him on your team you won the championship… people will remember that and zeke will still go late first early 2nd… its like the ballers say… its not just zeke for weeks 8-13 (plus playoffs)… it’s zeke and whoever you can replace him with. If I’m drafting at the end of the first… I’m taking a workhorse and zeke… go for a McFadden late. McFadden for 6 games and zeke for the rest will still come out to a top 5 RB when it’s all said and done. You literally just have to win 3 of the first 7 games and you’re almost guaranteed a chip if you get zeke and another stud RB.


Sssshhhhhhhhh don’t tell people to do that =P that’s what I did last year by drafting Elliott 1st and Bell 2nd. I won 2 out of first 4 games and then took it to the ship! also had brady so it was rough at the beginning haha


I have to wonder if maybe the League Commission isn’t trying to send out a “message/wake-up” call with this harsh of a decision; that no matter how good you are (or think you are) NOBODY is exempt. And for the money we are paying you, you ARE/AND WILL BE expected to do everything possible to avoid putting yourself in a questionable public and/or domestic situation. Granted, there seems to be no evidence to prove the Domestic Violence charge, but…I think maybe they are just trying to make sure Zeke (Lev and anybody else) realizes that the tolerance level for thinking you’re “GOD” and therefore can get away with anything is getting less and less. Anyway…I don’t know friends…just a thought.