Elliott trade help

Been offered mixon and ertz

For my Elliott and Njoku ? Thoughts ? Cheers lads !

I think you take this. I’d feel good about taking this

Yeah I’m leaning towards it

I feel good about this

I’d do this more so for the tight end stability. That’s a huge advantage, and how much better than mixon can elliott really be for the rest of the year? (probably a lot but it’s still worth it)

I like the deal, too. Zeke has been a bit underwhelming relative to where he was drafted. The gap between Mixon and Zeke is a lot less than that between Ertz and Njoku IMO.

He pulled the trade and counted with Hunt or Barkley instead of Elliott

I would take that.

Take the trade.

So you would trade barkley or hunt and Njoku
Mixon and ertz ?

Id be willing to move hunt over Barkley