Emergency flex options

Full PPR…

Playoffs started and I have JT and Hurts on bye. Then Elijah Moore decided to go on IR last minute.

I need to choose between:
D’onta Foreman (JAX)
Jarvis Landry (BAL)
Russell Gage (CAR)

My lineup:
Broncos DST

Tough one. I’ll lean Gage as ppr. But unbelievable for a league to allow playoffs whilst byes are still to be played.

Im currently leaning Gage for the volume/upside despite the matchup… Foreman seems like the most guaranteed 8-10 points of the options and Landry has limited upside with a questionable floor in a good matchup…

And yeah I was super pissed when I saw that my best players were on bye my first playoff game, but this is also a unique league in that it’s 48 teams… They split it into 4x 12 team “conferences.” Each conference behaves like a normal 12 team league with their own draft, regular season and 3 round playoffs… After conference playoffs, the 4 conference champions have another 2 round playoff for league champion. Playoffs actually started week 13 but I had earned a bye.

Well shit. Foreman comes out of the first drive with 10 points :sweat_smile: