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NEED HELP FOOTCLAN! Had some jerks drop out of a first year startup dynasty 10 team league last minute, $50 buy in, .5 ppr, 3 spot idp, extra flex added. please let me know ASAP, we need a COMMITTED player who can pay by draft day, which is sunday.


Hey mate,

I am very interested in joining the league. What time is the draft on Sunday? I am a very committed owner, however I live in Australia so the time zone difference might be a pain come draft time.


ur in luck, we r expanding the league to 12 because we have filled up. we draft at 6 30 pm central time. i looked the time difference up and i think it will be 9 30 am over there when we draft so if thats feasible for you let me know and i will invite


Still need a team? Draft day time?


tomorrow at 6 30 pm


Still need an owner? I’m interested thomashiorio@gmail.com


im in jhaggert1@gmail.com