Emergency TE Help Needed

The two TEs I carry are both out – Waller (bye week) and Herndon (injured). So I need a 1-game fill-in to pick up until Waller comes back next week. It appears my best options to pick up off the wire are Witten, Vernon Davis and both HOU TEs. 12-team full PPR. Thoughts? Thanks in advance.

Witten or Davis, Witten by a smidge. I’d stay away from Houston’s TE situation


Thanks, was considering Witten, especially because I have Dak, even though Jets don’t give up a lot of points to TEs typically. Might be just enough though.

Update, someone took Witten out from under me. So with Davis now out for Sunday, that leaves me with Higbee, Sprinkle, Jarwin or either of the 2 HOU TEs. Took Sprinkle for now since he’s starting and it’s against Miami but that can easily be changed before kickoff.

Someone suggested to me just going without since it’s only the one week, but my projected matchup is too close and I’m 4-1 so I don’t want to chance that.

Looks like Fells is the play then

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Fells over Akins if you were going with one of the HOU TEs?

Yes, just for his higher usage in the red zone. With options this slim a TD is all you’re after

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Makes sense, stats say since start of last season KC has given up 2nd most scores to TEs. And this week I do need the proverbial blind squirrel to find the nut.

Ended up taking Fells, and the squirrel found the nut. :slight_smile: