Emergency Trade Offer - Need Advice

I’m being offered Cris Carson in exchange for Dede Westbrook & Marlon Mack. I have to decide today. Thoughts?

I’d take it all the way

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I wouldn’t do it, even without knowing your lineup, for two reasons:

  1. They put you on a clock, which typically means that they want you to panic and accept
  2. It’s before the season, we really dont know which way any of these are going to swing.

Whats your team look like at the moment?

Without knowing your lineup, i wouldn’t take it it. Unless you are weak in WR depth, Mack will be a direct downgrade to Carson


QB - Carson Wentz - PHI

RB - Dalvin Cook - MIN
RB - Devonta Freeman - ATL
WR - Brandin Cooks - LAR
WR - Chris Godwin - TB
TE - Mark Andrews - BAL
FLEX - Marlon Mack - IND
K - Adam Vinatieri - IND
DEF - Minnesota Vikings - MIN

Derek Carr QB - OAK
Adrian Peterson RB - WAS
Malcolm Brown RB - LAR
Cole Beasley WR - BUF
Robby Anderson WR - NYJ
Dede Westbrook WR - JAX
Calvin Ridley WR - ATL

Sorry if I wasn’t clear. I would receive Carson. I would be trading away Westbrook & Mack

Apologies i misread. It’s not a 100% deff take it kind of trade, but i certainly don’t hate it. I’m fading all colts players due to the Luck retiring, even if mack is likely going to have a Flex/RB2 season. I just think there is more upside in the Seahawk offense giving Carson RB2 with RB1 potential.

my 2 cents

I’m leaning that direction as well. And, while Dede could go off, I have other options @ WR

ya, i misread that as well.

I’d take that trade, Carson is going to be solid and consistent and IND is well… unlucky.

So, it’s unanimous so far. Also, Anthony Miller is a FA in the league. I could pick him up after the trade. He’s one tier below Westbrook & a sleeper pick

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See if you can swap Robbie for Dede, but i’d do it.

Roger that. Thanks for the advice everyone.

First post I’ve made & I appreciate the responsiveness & edjucated responses.

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no problem homie, welcome

definitely pick up Miller… just dont expect too much in week one

Good luck!

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