Emergency WR help if JuJu out!

Championship game against the team I traded Conner to for AJ Green. Good times.

Had been rolling with Thielen, JuJu, and Robby Anderson as my three WRs. Juju looking more and more likely to miss or certainly not be at 100%. Juju plays on Sunday 4:25pm. My other options:

Corey Davis (Saturday 4:30 vs Wash)
Dante Pettis (Sunday 4:05 vs Chi)
Mike Williams (Saturday 8:20 vs Balt)

What do I do? Leaning towards Corey Davis on Saturday night, but I hate it.

Wait for the decision on JuJu. If he can’t go roll Pettis. Davis is a bum and M. Williams will be taking a back seat to Allen on Saturday. JuJu is too talented to have on your bench if he plays.

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