Emmanuel sanders dropped

Would you pick him up and drop Curtis Samuel for him standard format

I wouldn’t drop Samuel for him

You may look to hold Sanders until after the trade deadline. If he ends up getting traded he may be worth having. I have him in two leagues. Hoping like hell that he goes to GB or NE.

I currently down own sanders I have samuels I could drop for him, my other options I think are to value to drop for sanders

Ty Williams
M Thomas
R Anderson

I would drop lat Murray to get him if Kamara was healthy But I might have to slot him in this week for an rb to cover for Kamara

If you’re the Kamara owner I wouldn’t drop Murray at any point

True I was just saying that’s teally my only non starter player, but you are correct he is a must own especially now with the ankle issues

I understand. You said you would drop Murray if Kamara was healthy. I’m just saying I wouldn’t do that whether Kamara is healthy or not. From the looks of it you don’t really need Sanders

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I agree. I don’t believe Sanders will be more reliable than any of your current receivers unless he is traded or Sutton goes down. Otherwise, he’s a flex at best for you IMO.

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Okay thanks for the advice