Emmanuel Sanders or Robby Anderson week 10?

Both have a great matchup this coming week. But still just unsure of Sanders with OS. Here’s my plan at this point:

WR-R Anderson


Had to pickup Bills for PIT BYE last week. Dropping Bills and gonna try to get JUJU or R Woods from WW tonight.

10 team, PPR. 4-5 right now and taking on another 4-5 this week.

Thanks a mil for any and all thoughts and feedback y’all!!!

Ruh-roh. The plot thickens!!! Just heard that Teddy B could be back this week. Have to wonder if that’s gonna make a difference for Thielen or Rudolph. Can’t remember off hand what their rapport was with him. Does this mean I have a new problem here with this lineup???

I would go Andersen. He is trending upward whereas Sanders has been such a let down so many weeks. I’m trying to move Sanders off my team asap

TY TY my friend. Was SOOO hoping somebody would say that. Twas my feelings as well, but with Sanders it’s so hard to gauge sometimes. Appreciate your thoughts on that. Other than that…would you play my roster as is…or make any changes? Kinda concerned with starting ASJ or Rudolph as well. ESPECIALLY…with the Teddy B news.

I actually really like your lineup as is. ASJ is my slight preference just bc I don’t like the uncertainty of Min right now. Your other guys are strong though so I think you should b good

TY Buddy. Appreciate the vote of confidence. I felt really good with my lineup too…LOL…until I saw my Opponents lineup this week:


LOL…this could be tough!!!

But…TY bunches for your thoughts. Helps more than you know. At this point…all I can do is go with it…especially if I can pickup JuJu or R Woods. Of course…then I’ll have to decide whether to play one of them vs my present starters!!!

Their RB core is stacked. Julio is only as good as Matt Ryan so he is more scary as a Name at this point than an actual scorer. Thomas trending down for same reasons I’m trying to get rid of Emmanuel dumpster fire Sanders from my teams. Fantasy is crazy though so could be a tough week still — good luck!

Very well said. Tho his roster looks major dominant this week…he’s 4-5 just as I am, but…he’s been in the top 5 most of the year. I’ve been in the bottom 2 most of the year, but have been starting the hard climb up these past 3 weeks and at least have a shot at the Play-Offs!!! Mind-Blowing Season (FFB or NFL) Been a really nutsy year…seems they’re all getting to be that way anymore.
ANYWAY…again…TY my friend for your thoughts here!!! This has been the hardest struggle in all my FFB years. And with all the injuries and crazyness of the WW options, just starting to get tough on the brain!!!

More thanks than you can know my fellow FFB comrade!!!