Empire/dynasty 2019

Creating a new start up dynasty league/empire league…12 man league, half ppr, 6 pt passing td, no kicker, no defense, 2 flex, 22 man roster, 2 ir spots, 50 dollar buy in on leaguesafe, platform will be sleeper…i think 200 dollars each year will get rolled over to the jackpot, the jackpot can be won by winning two years in a row, top three places yearly will get paid out, 6 man playoff, no divisons, h2h, going to add an extra game each week against the league median, i prefer to do combined start up draft but if other prefer we can do seperate rookie and vet draft, wont be drafting till august just trying to get good members together, faab budget 200, continuing waivers for fair waivers, off season and inseason faab budget…i have a consitution all set up…if ur interested but arent crazy about an idea implemnted ask me about it and see if it can be changed…any questions, suggestions, or interest just leave a post, ill get back to you quick


I am interested in more information on this league. shuerena@gmail.com

I’m interested. Let me know.
Sleeper: whtsagenk

Im also interested if any spots are left. julian.romero117@gmail.com

I would like to join as well if you still have spots. mjborkowski@gmail.com

If there are still spots open Iet me know tdtatman@gmail.com

hey guys as of now i am full if anyone drops out i will starting asking people based on the order of their replys thanks for the interest tho