Empire dynasty league advice

Hey all,

Going to start an empire dynasty league. $500 annually, and travel somewhere for a weekend every year for live in person draft. Currently not in need of any additional participants but that could change.

Looking for any advice from experienced commissioners running a league like this. Things like-
Optimal team composition, number of teams (thinking 10 for easier management of travel and participation), platform to use, scoring, number of keepers to promote activity, trade restrictions for league winner, payout vs empire pot (50/50? 60/40? Etc), issues with actual live draft! Etc etc. Looking for any and all words of wisdom before taking on something of this magnitude over the next 5-10 years. Thanks footclan! Long time listener, first time poster.

You don’t need to fill anymore teams but you don’t know if you’re gonna do 10 or 12 teams?
Trade restrictions for league winner sounds like a terrible idea. Why penalize someone for winning and having a good team?

If you’re entry fee is going to $500 a team every year. I would split it 70/30 or 80/20. A lot of money for one guy to hold onto if you’re doing 50/50.

Also ESPN or sleeper for platform. You’re always gonna run into problems with live drafts. So hard to get 10 guys schedules to match up. But for $500 i think I would get my schedule to line up lol

I’ve read a bunch of ways to do it one of which limits the previous winner to no trades after week 4 or something. Not that I think that’s a good idea just asking if people do that. Maybe it would be better if I posted my proposed league settings rather than asking for free for all advice?

I would not limit trading.

Yes, please post your proposed settings.

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The goal is to have as active of a league as possible. The only reason I would limit trading is late in the season to avoid collusion and hard core tanking in the playoffs. But even then if you trust your league mates I can see an argument for no trade deadline. With that amount of money, 50% towards the pot seems a little steep, I would make it 70/30 or 75/25 or something like that. The general rule for dynasty roster size is 2.5-3 times your starting roster. I personally like holding around 23-25, which allows players to develop on your bench over the long haul. Ultimately there are a lot of intricacies in a dynasty league (starting spots, superflex, tax squad, IR, playoff structure, anti-tanking rules). None of the intricacies have right or wrong answers. So my suggestion would be to get your league of committed owners and do a league vote for each thing. That way you know everyone will be on board and invested.

Question… Does sleeperbot allow taxi raiding? I’m in final stages of setting up and completing bylaws to post here for some advice but curious on that aspect and can’t figure it out via the app/faqs

I am not aware of this capability in Sleeper. If you go to the sleeper help center they are very helpful and you can have a live chat with someone who works at Sleeper.