Empire League - $30 - 1 Spot Left!

Hey guys,

Started an Empire league but one member had to bail out so we have one spot left!

Here is some information on the empire format:

Here are the rules:

roster - 1 qb, 2 rb, 2 wr, 1 te, 2 flex, 10 bench, 2 IR, 3 TAXI

2 divisions, division winners get first round playoff bye, 6 teams to the playoffs.

$30 buy in, every year $100 kept aside and awarded to the first player to win two years in a row. payouts $130, $45, $25.

continuous waivers clear every day 9 AM pacific. no trade review, trade deadline week 11.

0.5 ppr, normal scoring settings. you’ll play each team in your division twice, the other teams once.

FAAB of $100 does NOT carry over year to year. to prevent tanking, the consolation bracket will be a toilet bowl where the LOSER advances and each manager sets the OPPONENTS lineup, incentivizing each manager to set the strongest possible lineup. future rookie draft will give 1.01 to winner of toilet bowl, and will go reverse order using season W/L % as a tiebreaker.

vet draft first, rookie draft after. rookie draft will snake first year, but in every following year it will be linear.

Only one spot left, so first person to claim it gets in! Email rbbeagles13@gmail.com if you want in, don’t reply here or send me a message here.