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Empire League Trade Offer - HUGE?


Below is my 1/2 PPR Empire League Roster

One owner has been trying to snipe Antonio Brown from me and he’s been ruthless. The Dynasty Trade Calculator weighs heavily in my favor, but wanted to get other thoughts.

Here is what he just offered me:
Melvin Gordon
Spencer Ware
Odell Beckham
Demaryius Thomas
Jordan Howard
Antionio Brown
Marshawn Lynch

My roster is as follows:
QB - Kirk Cousins - Tier 4

RB - Jordan Howard - Tier 2
RB - Marshawn Lynch - Tier 3
RB - Mike Gillislee - Tier 4
RB - Mark Ingram - Tier 4
RB - Tevin Coleman - Tier 4

WR - Antonio Brown - Tier 1
WR - Alshon Jeffery - Tier 4
WR - Brandin Cooks - Tier 5
WR - Jarvis Landry - Tier 5
WR - Keenan Allen - Tier 6
WR - Brandon Marshall - Tier 6
WR - Jamison Crowder - Tier 6

TE - Martellus Bennett - Tier 6 (Rudolph, Ertz, Ebron are available - all Tier 4)
DST - Texans - Consensus #4
K - Justin Tucker - Consensus #1


imo - Don’t do it. Jordan Howard is better than Gordon and Ware, plus Howard + Beast Mode + Gillislee are a nice balance of certainty and risk/reward type of players. I predict gold from Gillislee this year, so I wouldn’t be too worried about your depth there. Plus, a rested marshawn behind THAT line in OAK could be nasty.

Antonio and OBJ are a toss up and Demaryius is not in a position to have a great year because of the QB situation there.

It’s a fine trade offer, but I wouldn’t give up Jordan Howard for the RBs you get in return.


For Dynasty purposes, I think OBJ is the #1. He’s so young and has a lot of talent. As the ballers said on the show, in many startup dynasty leagues, he’s going #1 overall. That said, Melvin Gordon and Spencer Ware have big question marks for me. I think there’s going to be a regression for Gordon this year in terms of touchdowns. He didn’t even hit 1000 yds last year and without those touchdowns, his fantasy value will drop. With Ware, Kareem Hunt scares me a little. Jamaal Charles being gone is nice, but trading up for a rookie means they might use him. Demaryius will probably do better than he did last year, just based on working together with Siemian and improving their chemistry. If CJA, Charles and Booker get going in the run game, it might open up some more passes but I’m not excited about the situation overall. What makes this trade difficult to evaluate at this time is all of the question marks. Lynch, even in the new situation as an older player and coming out of retirement, might boom with that o-line of the Raiders. The Bears QB situation is scary and they lost Alshon, which means they’ll run the ball…but I’m worried that opposing defenses will stack the box on Howard similar to what happened to Todd Gurley and the Rams last year. If it was me, I would try to keep Lynch and switch him out for a lower tier player. Big name trades like this just end up being who you feel is going to do better, and who’s in a good situation that will stay in that type of situation.


Overall - I think you’d need to change up the offer - specifically Spencer ware - he isn’t really worth all that much (in my opinion) - OBJ and AB are pretty close to a wash so I was looking at it as Melvin, Ware and DT for Jordan Howard and Lynch. If you do this you’ll be downgrading your RBs this season. If you could get anther tier 2 or 3 RB and maybe get a little bit lower tier WR instead of DT it may make sense.


I would take it, I think OBJ value is better than browns in dynasty. But i would definitely pair ware is kareem hunt if at all possible.

P.s. i also dont trust the bears offense this year or long term. Howards upside is up in the air in my opinion.