Empire Super Traders Dynasty Superflex Startup

I’m the commish of 6 top notch leagues and I’m looking to add one more this year. This will be the ONLY Super Traders Empire Superflex Deep Dynasty league I start this year so now is your chance to join.

An Empire Dynasty League is a league where a portion the yearly fee goes into an “Empire Pot” where the owner that wins the league two years in a row gets the entire pot (Plus 1st place winnings) and the league is over!

Two uniquely important rules in this empire league:

  1. The yearly winner CANNOT trade after week 8 of the regular season. This rule is to give the winner a chance to compete if a top player goes down while simultaneously eliminating any chance of collusion.
  2. You MUST be active with trade offers, trade responses and trade counter offers. We all love trading and it sucks when you throw trade offers out there and get radio silence. Please respond to all offers with a simple response and more often a counter offer. YOU MUST BE AN ACTIVE TRADER TO JOIN THIS LEAGUE!

12 Dynasty Teams – 3 divisions w/ 4 teams each
.5 PPR RB/ 1 Pt PPR WR/ 1.5 PPR TE/ Superflex
Roster would be: 1 QB, 2RB, 2WR, 2TE, 2 Flex, 1 Superflex (QB/ RB/ WR/ TE)
Total Roster Size is 40 (30 active players + 6 Taxi Squad + 4 IR spots)

$106 Yearly Buy-in
60% to yearly winner/ 40% to pot
Each year $480 will be added to the empire pot!
$6 MFL Fee.

Yearly Winner Payouts
1st - $300
2nd - $150
3rd - $106
Highest point total of each week - $15 (Thru week 13)
Winners will be paid after 1/1 with 51% vote via LeagueSafe


If interested dm me or leave your email for instant invite!


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