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End of Draft Flyer WR Pick


My league is 1/2 PPR and only have five bench spots. My last pick is when I try to take a flyer at WR. I keep having the same 3 guy to pick from. Out of Tyrell Williams, John Brown and Kenny Britt. Who has the highest ceiling and who has the lowest floor?


John Brown for sure. I think he has the highest breakout and ceiling potential. Plus out of all 3 of those choices the Cardinals are projected to have the better offense overall. Tyrell Williams is interesting but you gotta realize he already broke out last year and Keenan Allen is back. So I’m willing to bet he will still be good but will put up slightly lower numbers than last year. Britt is more of a floor play, not high upside at all. The Browns are going to have a bottom 5 offense. Hope that helps.


I like Williams. Far from a guarantee that Keenan plays the whole season.


Keep an eye on Brown’s health. If he is ok, he has the highest upside and likeliest path to WR1 glory. Tyrell is #2 for me as he’s shown what he can do and Allen has shown what he can do (get injured). Knittegm was also right about Britt. He would be safe bye week fill in.