End of Round 4

Mock drafting for a keepers league. I am finding these common players at the end of round 4.

At this point, I should have an RB1, RB 2, WR1, 2 & 3 (once again, keeper league).

Who do you see best value at the 4 and quick turn of 5.

B Cooks
S Watkins
C Davis
M Crabtree
D Guice

D Guice ADP is in the 3rd. Cooks ADP is in the 5th.

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My thinking is that my 4 round pick is going to be my flex. And after those 4 WRs I listed, I feel there is a dropoff after.

I would be able to get Guice (if still there) and then choose whichever WR is left at the 4.