End of season engagement

What is the best way to keep league mates, who are out of the playoff picture, filling out competitive rosters and staying engaged. We have a last place punishment, but want ideas for the other teams out of the hunt. Weekly payout for highest points from weeks 10-13 is leading idea.

Redraft or dynasty?

In redraft my league has a playoff of the non-playoff teams, where the winner gets the #1 draft pick next year, or can choose whatever draft position they would like.


I like that idea a lot.

I’m thinking about setting Asians a $20-30 pot for the consolation winner. Not a lot but enough to keep them interested

I would say bottom line if they aren’t engaged kick them out of the league. In our dynasty league you play for a compensatory pick between round 2-3. In our redraft whoever loses the consolation playoffs is the league loser.

I mean a side* not Asians

Thanks for the reply. Good idea!

Hey, thanks for clarifying. I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. Good idea! Having them play for something even if it’s small will help.

I agree with you on this! I just need to make it clear we won’t tolerate slackers. I will still give incentives but being firm about the consequences maybe good too. Thanks for the reply!

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