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End of Year Awards


Hey Foot Clan,

I need some help developing new awards for my league. At the live draft this year, I’m going to give out awards for last year’s season. I have a few awards I give out new but was in need of some more funny/creative awards to give out? What are your favorites from your leagues?

Ones I give out now:

  • Toilet Bowl - Winner of last two teams who didn’t make playoffs (championship or consolation)
  • Consolation Champion - winner of consolation bracket
  • League Champion - winner of championship bracket
  • Wheelin’ and Dealin’ - most trades executed in a season
  • Started from the bottom, now we here - similar to comeback player of the year; who had the biggest increase in final standings from last year to this year
  • Curse of Bambino - given to player with longest playoff drought
  • Diversity award - given to player with most white players (excluding kickers) on their fantasy team