End of year League Awards


I asked this last year and didn’t get much of a response and I saw Brooks asked in June last year and got a few replies. But I like to present awards to my league from the previous season before our live draft for the new season. I’m looking for new creative ideas but here are the ones I presented last year:

  • League Champion - main trophy with namplates of previous winners
  • Consolation Champion - dinky little trophy with a small star on it
  • Toilet Bowl - the infamous toilet bowl trophy presented to the “winner” of the two teams who don’t make playoffs assuming they played each other in Week 16
  • Wheelin & Dealin Award - trophy looks kinda like the Hot Wheels logo and is awarded to the player who made the most trades in the previous season (highly recommend keeping a trade log so this is easy to count at end of year
  • Curse of the Billy Goat - trophy is literally a goat and is awarded to the player with the longest playoff drought. If there is a tie, I find the plalyer who has the best average finish during the drought
  • Diversity Award - awarded to the player with the most white players on their team excluding kickers

Hope you guys enjoy these ideas but I’m looking for at least two new ideas to add to the mix this year.


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