End of year pick rankings

Hey guys - I’ve read a lot around this subject but not quite figured out which way to go. New league setup and it’s most of our first years of Dynasty after doing redraft for years. How do you guys handle rankings for the next years picks - specifically for the consolation bracket teams?

I would say that it greatly affects Dynasty more then Redraft. Therefore the criteria for picking is likely to differ.

For Dynasty Your league champion should always have the last pick. I’ll assume a 12 person league so they would receive the 1.12 / 2.12 / 3.12 and so forth depending on the amount of rounds. Typically your running up, looser of the championship would get the 1.11…

From 1.10 to 1.01 you should be using either the inverse of league standings. So the team with the most wins, outside of the two teams in the championship would get the 1.10. The team with the least wins would be awarded the 1.01. Using Div/Conf/Total points, in any order, as a tie-breaker.

If you have a consolation bracket you can use this to award a ‘higher pick’ but I would warn about using it to distribute the 1.01. Essentially your rewarding the medium team with the best pick and punishing the bottom of the league.

Parity is crucial for a dynasty league. It should never be manual applied - like overturning a trade. But can be organically applied by give the weakest team the possibility to get better.

One thing I’ve done is to award a non-playoff bracket to battle for a higher pick then they would receive by standings. But still distributing the 1.01/1.02 to those weaker teams.

Finally, since you are creating the league or at least, as a group, in charge of the rules in your league don’t feel hindered by in-the-box solutions. Some leagues give the weakest team a compensatory pick, like the 1.13. Easier to apply in something like MFL. Needs to be tracked anywhere else. Point is you can work outside of the 1.01-1.12 if required.

Thanks for this - awesome info! Let me digest it and I might have some further questions if thats cool?

I just wanted to sanity check the following with you to see if there was anything massively obvious that was unfair with this end of season ordering…

I would change your tie breakers for 1.01-1.02 to least points for in the regular season.

Wouldn’t you just try to lose the first round of consolation to get the 1.01??

I like having the consolation winner getting 1.01 so these teams still try to win.

I guess with only 10 teams it might be a little different. I’m new as well and have a larger league. My concern is that I’ll be towards the middle of the pack and I dont think I have a chance at winning it all.

If I could tank the end of the season, win the consolation bracket OR just lose the consolation bracket and get like pick 1.02, that would be ideal for a team that is only missing a small piece.

I was torn on this - My only reasoning was this was something that you couldn’t control if that makes sense

We’ve got a good set of guys who I am pretty certain wouldn’t tank on purpose. So hopefully this is that fairest approach. We also give a wooden spoon for the bottom spot so you pretty much get taken the mick out of for a whole year lol