English Football Style Redraft league. 58/60 filled. 5 x 12 Team leagues

Was thinking to start up a tier based fantasy league.

First year of the league would be qualifying to see what league you would be in for year two.

Premier League

Top 2 teams from each qualifying league + the next 2 players with best record (most points tie breaker)


The 3rd and 4th from each league + best records to fill league.

League 1

5th and 6th from each league + best records to fill league.

League 2

7th and 8th from each league + best records to fill league.

League 3

Remaining Players.

Each year the top 3 from each league win promotion (2 team that play off in the Championship + Best record) and the bottom 3 sides are relegated.

$12 entry each year. = $744

Winner of each league wins $100 = $500

Premier League winner bonus $200 + $44 to ship trophy.

First year winner of each league gets $100 and 2nd gets $44.

2 years payment upfront so we dont lose too many people between year 1 and 2 while forming the tiered leagues.


Ballers preferred scoring.


That is really interesting. Would you be open to auction to get the draft going? I much more prefer auction for dynasty start-up as you are not relegated to/from players due to draft position. Everyone has a chance at getting “their” guy.

It’s a Re-draft league.

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Interesting. If it is a re-draft, how are teams really moving up/down since they might not be the same roster year to year? Unlike dynasty for example. Or am I misunderstanding?

Managers are moving up and down to try and win the Premier league title.

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Join this group chat channel if you are interested.

I appreciate the information. I will pass though. Best of luck getting everything filled. Sounds like it should be quite a different experience!